The College of Physical Education and Sports at Sudan University of Science and Technology aspires to be among the scientific colleges accredited internationally, through upgrading its scientific and administrative level and for it to be the leading college in the field of scientific research to serve the Sudanese, Arab and international community.


Preparing qualitative, qualified and specialized scientific expertise in the field of physical education and sports sciences to contribute to the advancement in school sports and community health, as well as preparing media professionals and trainers for various activities, games and efficient administrators, in addition to researchers in the field of sports sciences to promote the Sudanese sports movement at various levels.


1. Preparing teachers for the physical education lesson for general education stages, familiar with the physical, educational and social aspects.

2. Preparing specialized sports media professionals familiar with the basics of sports and the different arts of the media

3. Work to develop the sports movement for all sectors of the state, in cooperation with the concerned authorities (the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Olympic Committee).

4. Contribute to spreading sports culture and work to make sport one of the important means of bringing people together and spreading Peace.

5. Contributing to community service through education for the practice of sport and its positive effects on public health (spreading awareness of healthy habits , exercise and sports) for the individual and the development of physical education curricula to serve the advancement and advancement of society.

6. Preparing scientific expertise qualified to work in the fields of scientific research and sports research to develop the reality of Sudanese sports.